Dear Parents,
GDS is strengthening our requirements for class due to the pandemic of COVID-19. We will need everyone to cooperate, and, together, let’s create a safe and healthy environment for everyone!
1. Do not attend class if you or your child are sick. (For example: Have a cold, a cough, runny nose , fever, etc.)
2. If you or any of your family members have recently traveled abroad, please implement the 14-day quarantine and do not attend class for the safety of others.
3. GDS will check temperatures and provide alcohol sanitization upon students & parents arrival. GDS will also open windows at all venues for ventilation.
4. It is not required to wear masks in class. However, if parents have doubts, children can still wear it.
5. Wash your hands frequently
We encourage parents to keep their children exercising! Let’s fight this pandemic by keeping our kids active and stronger by strengthening their immune system.